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What is NESU?

NESU, short for Nordiska Ekonomie Studerandes Union (Swedish for “Nordic Economy Students Union”), is an organization which brings together business school students from the Nordic countries and Estonia for both fun and networking. This non-profit, politically un-aligned organization was founded in the 1950s. There are members of NESU in all business school cities in Finland: Helsinki, Turku, Tampere, Pori, Vaasa, Jyväskylä, Mikkeli, Kuopio, Joensuu, Lappeenranta, and of course Oulu. In addition, the international NESU events have participants from Iceland, Sweden, Denmark, and the latest member country Estonia.


In Finland, the highest organ in NESU is the NESU Board of Directors, elected at the national assembly during the NESU Summer Cabin event. The term for the board lasts from one Summer Cabin event to the next one, and any member may run for a position in the board. NESU-Finland aims to avoid overlap of the NESU events in different cities and to help all NESU cities to work together for the common goals.

NESU in Oulu

Each city with a business school in Finland has its own local organization under NESU. In Oulu, that organization is NESU-Finanssi. NESU-Finanssi is still young but organizes several sitsit parties and other smaller events each year for both Finanssi members and kylteris (business school students) from other cities. NESU-Finanssi also informs Finanssi members about NESU events in Oulu and elsewhere.

By joining the NESU-Finanssin aktiivit group on Facebook, you can easily keep up with the events. The NESU Relations Committee of Finanssi is selected annually for each calendar year. NESU is an open and cheerful community, and as a Finanssi member, you are a part of it. So be open-minded and participate in the NESU events, and you will not only have a lot of fun but also meet awesome new people and find a huge bunch of kylteri friends outside of Oulu. NESU can provide unforgivable experiences and the best company in the world!

NESU-Finanssi also has an Instagram account where you can follow the activities (@nesu_finanssi). On the NESU website, you’ll find an event calendar, blog posts and a lot of other interesting information about the organization. Go take a look at the new website at!

NESU events and activities

Sitsit parties

Sitsit is an academic dinner party where you eat, drink, sing and drink. Each sitsit is lead by toastmasters whose purpose is to entertain other participants and make sure that the sitsit etiquette is followed to the point. Breaking the etiquette will result in a punishment set by the toastmasters. The price for a sitsit party usually consists of an appetizer, a main course, a dessert, a couple of shots and milder beverages, transportation to the venue and from the venue to the afterparty.


The conference is the biggest and most important NESU event, organized every half a year and lasting about a week. The conferences gather together participants from all NESU countries, and the organizing duties are cycled between countries and cities. That way, they provide an excellent opportunity to get to know the business culture and people in each Nordic country. The conference agenda revolves each time around a different central theme. The daytime program may consist of lectures, visits to local corporations and case work. The conference also hosts the Union Meeting, the highest decision-making organ in the whole NESU. The Union Meeting discusses current events and elects the President of NESU for a one-year term. In addition, countries, cities and different kinds of committees report on their activities and future plans. The evening program during the conference is more laid back and consists of mingling and hanging out with the other participants. This includes, among other things, sitsit parties, city tours, sporting events, and finally, the gala. Not everything about the conference can be revealed here, as it is best to experience it yourself. As the saying goes: “What happens in the conference, stays in the conference.”


NESU-dagen (Swedish for “The NESU day”) is an annual event lasting a little over 24 hours that gathers together all newly instated boards or committees and other active NESU members from each local NESU organization in Finland. The dagen hosts one of the two annual national assemblies. The assembly discusses the activities of the previous and upcoming years, sets goals for the future, listens to the greetings from each member organization and makes decisions regarding NESU Finland. The assembly is followed by a sitsit party and mingling through the night. The dagen is an excellent place to get to know the NESU actives from other countries and build friendships.


Each year around the Wappu celebrations, NESU Finland organizes a legendary Wappu tour where the participants ride a bus from one kylteri city to the next, having a sitsit party at each pitstop. This tour is very popular due to its amazing atmosphere and unique concept.

Summer Cabin

The Summer Cabin event is similar to the NESU-dagen but organized during the summer. This is an excellent opportunity to keep in touch with friends during the summer vacation or taking a weekend off from the summer job. The new national representative and Board of Directors for NESU Finland is elected at the Summer Cabin.


The NESU Relations Committee is open to all ideas and tries to fulfil our members’ wishes to their best ability. Please send your ideas, thanks and complaints to us to ponder upon. If you want us to contact you personally, please include your contact details. You can reach us by emailing either or