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February 2021

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Finanssi organizes a large variety of events for its members, from the more formal events to unforgettable parties. Our cavalcade of events include the sitsit parties, cross-disciplinary overall parties, the pre-Christmas party, the snow sliding festival and the summer season opening party. Below, you can read more about our biggest annual events.

Nordic Spirit Forum

Nordic Spirit Forum, or NSF, is a career seminar organized every Spring. The goal of the NSF is to encourage our members to find their own career paths. The seminar hosts speakers from different fields in economics based on the theme of the year. The most important channel of information for the Nordic Spirit Forum is Facebook where the Project Committee publishes an event about a month in advance.


Wappu is based on the Finnish bank holiday wappu, celebrated each year on May 1st. While wappu has traditionally been a celebration of labour and the upcoming summer, to university students it has a slightly bigger meaning. As the academic year is coming to an end in April, students in Finland typically reserve a 7-9-day period for the wappu celebrations. The wappu week, as it is often called, is full of parties and beverages that help the students celebrate the summer break. During the week, Finanssi and other student organizations organize events all over the city, and there is definitely something to do and somewhere to party each day. For Finanssi members, a typical wappu (although it is never the same) consists of a couple of sitsit parties, a rowboat team race, wappu sauna and many kinds of interdisciplinary events. During the last few years, a new tradition has been formed with the medical students to have a joint sitsit party during the wappu week. A detailed wappu schedule is published on Facebook amongst other places when the spring is nigh.


What ends with the wappu week, begins with the freshman week. That is the academic year, of course! When the new students (freshmen, master’s and exchange students) arrive at the university, the Oulu Business School, the University of Oulu and of course Finanssi are there to guide them with their first steps in the academic community. During the freshman week, the new students get to know each other and the student tutors and get a huge load of information about starting their studies. The freshman week is something you don’t want to miss! Freshman week consists of a variety of happenings, from the non-alcoholic sport-themed Amazing Freshman Race to a boozy overall party. Even though the week is all about introducing the student culture to the freshmen, the more senior students are naturally also welcome to some of the parties. The detailed schedule will be posted on Facebook and in the event calendar on the front page.

Career Seminar

The Economists’ Career Paths Seminar (in Finnish: Kauppatieteilijän urapolut) is an expert seminar co-organized by Oulu Business School and Finanssi. For the seminar, we invite our alumni to tell their career stories and answer questions related to the working life in a way that benefits our students. The aim is to present our students with a wide view of the working life, job descriptions and career opportunities that await them. The students also get valuable tips on getting jobs and gathering the required skills and knowhow. Students have an opportunity to directly participate in the panel conversation as all questions are collected from the students themselves. Thus, it is a great opportunity to get answers to any looming questions, as well as gain extra boost to your own career planning. The event is open to all students of the Oulu Business School, regardless of how far they are in their studies.

The Ruka Trip

When the first days of winter come in November, it is time to set sights on the beautiful Ruka fell (a small mountain) covered by the first snow. This weekend trip is full of action, but what else can you expect when a busload of business school students are taken to a cottage for an unforgettable weekend. We also welcome participants from other student organizations to this crossdisciplinary event. But what is it that makes the Ruka trip such a special weekend? It is hard to find the right words to describe, as it’s best to experience it yourself. Maybe some of these words give you an inkling: cottage, sauna, hill, snow, glogg drink, cider, beer, mint cocoa, downhill skiing (some people have reportedly tried it during the trips), parties, campfire, sausage, laughter, smile, and music.

Masters' evening

The Masters’ Evening is a more matter-of-fact event directed at our Master’s level students. The topics for the evening cover current economic matters. Each time, there are a couple of experts from the business world present to offer new information on the subject based on their experience. The participants may also take part in the discussion and ask further questions. Finanssi plans to organize several Masters’ Evenings throughout the year. Their themes are sometimes related to the major subject in the Oulu Business School, but general business life themes are also covered in the events. Remember to join the OBS Masters group on Facebook, where all the Masters’ Evening events are announced.