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Culture and Sports


We want to offer our members fun experiences with like-minded people in our cultural activities, often at discounted prices. The cultural activities Finanssi organizes are e.g. movie nights, theatre plays, hockey matches and stand up shows.

As with other events, these cultural events are also announced via Facebook and e-mail. Be sure to also follow Finanssi on Instagram and Snapchat, as these channels also convey important information about our activities!

Sports and activities

It is also important to Finanssi that our members have opportunities to have physical exercise and play sports. Finanssi has for a long time played floorball twice a week at Oulu University Teacher Training School (Kaitoväylä 7). With the Sports Pass by Oulu University Sports (Oulun korkeakoululiikunta), you may freely participate at any time. For those interested in playing floorball, Finanssi has the Fisak group on Facebook to discuss the playing sessions.

In addition, the Sports Pass grants you access to several group exercise classes, badminton courts or gyms for a small fee. Read more about the Sports Pass on Oulu University Sports website:

Finanssi also organizes demo classes for different kinds of sports and participates in cross-disciplinary competitions whenever possible. These events are typically announced via Facebook and e-mail.