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The committees are an integral part of the proceedings of Finanssi. The committees organize and develop activities, such as events, together with the Board of Directions. This page introduces the members of each committee in 2018 and a short description of each committee’s responsibilities.

Academic Affairs Committee

The Educational Affairs Committee represents the students’ understanding of the current state of the studies and study environments in the Oulu Business School. For example, the committee represents the students’ interests in developing the degree curricula and the future of the faculty.

Another important task of the Educational Affairs Committee is to form the official opinion of Finanssi on local and national educational matters. In practice, the committee assists the Director of Educational Affairs with statements, as well as organizing and analyzing the annual OBS feedback questionnaire each Spring.

The Educational Affairs Committee is often called the kopo committee, short for koulutuspoliittinen (‘educational politics’ in Finnish). In 2018, the kopo committee consists of the following people:

Mikael Karppinen

Committee members:
Olli Joki
Jermu Korvenheimo
Anniina Puhilas
Jasmin Tervaskanto

Publications Committee

The primary task of the Publications Committee is to assist the Director of Publications with the guild magazine Egonomi. This includes brainstorming, writing articles and graphical design.

In addition, the Publications Committee has a very important task in the communications of Finanssi, as they are in charge of designing event posters, overall patches and other graphics for the guild. The committee is also in charge of event photography and updating the photo gallery.

In 2018, the Publications Committee consists of the following people:

Otto Nurmi

Committee Members:
Julius Erkkonen
Miska Mellanen
Reetta Kantola
Pauliina Haapakoski
Veera Pitkänen
Petrus Vuorentausta, expert advisor

NESU Relations Committee

The NESU Relations Committee organizes different kinds of NESU events in Oulu, including Finanssi’s own sitsit parties. The committee informs NESU members about the events organized all over Finland by other NESU member organizations, promotes and develops the NESU Culture in Oulu, and organizes other, smaller events for the members of Finanssi.

In 2018, the NESU Relations Committee consists of the following people:

Elina Lukkarila

Committee members:
Nina Latvala, event management
Essi Maalismaa, communications
Sami Rojo, corporate relations
Sanni Hökkä, the sitsit parties
Aliisa Ylikoski, the sitsit parties
Jenni Romppainen, wine & dine

Project Management Committee

The Project Management Committee helps the Director of Project Management with planning and organizing the larger-scale events throughout the year. These events include the Öllövelli pub crawl, the Finanssi anniversary party, and the Nordic Spirit Forum seminar organized together with the Oulu Business School and the Business School Graduates of Oulu (Oulun Ekonomit).

The responsibilities of the committee members vary from hall booking to recruiting workforce, acquiring sponsorship deals, and planning the program and services of the events.

In 2018, the Project Management Committee consists of the following people:

Taru Kulmakka

Committee Members:
Milla Korhonen
Siiri Harju
Jutta Risikko
Tia Rahkila
Suvi Hiltunen

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is responsible for long-term planning of the use of the funds of Finanssi, producing information and finance investment opportunities for Finanssi and the corporate governance of Fixindex.

The committee produces reports on the financial matters, such as cost estimates for expanding business activities and taxation of the stock company. The committee also plans for expansion of the current business activities and produces cost and revenue estimates. In addition, the committee oversees the activities of the Finanssi Investors Club.

In 2018, the Finance Committee consists of the following people:

Anniina Suorsa

Committee Members:
Viljami Korteniemi
Eetu Halonen
Kimi Virtanen
Matias Väyrynen
Lauri Härkönen

Event Management Committee

The Event Management Committee is in charge of planning and organizing the events and parties of Finanssi, with the help of Finanssi Party Team group. In addition to the annual events such as laskiainen (the mid-winter snow sliding festival) and the Ruka trip, the committee also works on recurring events such as the Cross-Disciplinary Overall Parties. The committee aims to develop even more diverse event calendar for Finanssi, with traditions and high quality in mind.

In 2018, the Event Management Committee consists of the following people:

Roosa Korkala

Committee Members:
Noora Arantola
Emmi Maalismaa
Riina Poutiainen
Kristian Taavitsainen

Corporate Relations Committee

The Corporate Relations Committee is in charge of the relations between Finanssi and the local corporations, providing benefits for the members of Finanssi in the Oulu area, and promoting Finanssi and its members as trustworthy and efficient companions.

In practice, the Corporate Relations Committee helps the Director of Corporate Relations to advance the corporate co-operations, develop and maintain the Purple Zone benefits program, and organize, for example, an excursion abroad.

In 2018, the Corporate Relations Committee consists of the following people:

Roosa Harju

Committee Members:
Sofia Gokkoeva
Laura Keino
Reeta Jutila
Essi Jokinen
Juuso Korhonen

Communications Committee

Instated in 2018, the Communications Committee is responsible for marketing and branding of Finanssi, as well as producing blog texts and a broad variety of other content for the blog on The committee may also produce vlogs, data analytics and viral campaigns on social media.

In addition, the Communications Committee assists the Director of Communications in maintaining the internal communications, for example, by forwarding job listings. The committee is also in charge of planning and execution of event marketing, live communication from the said events, as well as the visibility of corporate companions on social media.

In 2018, the Communications Committee consists of the following people:

Ella Rantamaa

Committee Members:
Jenna Komulainen
Elisa Lahtinen
Anna-Stina Vähänen
Veera Puro
Ida Toivari